About Us / Mission Statement

My name is Cindy Russell and I am the owner of a very successful preschool located on Long Island. New York. I started this blog as a place to keep and organize the research I have done on the policy and research of early education pertaining to universal preschool.

Many legislators and advocates want our government to fund a “universal” preschool program for all three and four year old children. They use a small body of research to support their position that children who attend quality preschools are more likely to stay in school, get better paying  jobs and are less likely to end up in the criminal justice system.

What advocates neglect to tell you is that the children who achieve the greatest benefits from publicly funded early childhood programs are the disadvantaged and at risk.  In hopes to gain political support for “universal” programs, they overgeneralize the benefits from these small scale studies to the general population.

It has been a frustrating experience watching as universal Pre-k advocates have gained political traction by misleading, over generalizing and cherry picking the research. They have been very successful in influencing policy makers to support expensive and unnecessary universal pre-k programs. The sad reality is that they have been disingenuous with the facts. If this is a topic of concern to you, I encourage you to browse around.

My objective is to encourage our elected officials to look at all of the research in hopes they will realize the responsible choice is to prioritize early childhood funds to ensure our limited resources reach those children that are most in need.

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